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13 Ways to Raise a Tantrum-Free Toddler
(Above: Horus. Just want to note that I cannot take any credit whatsoever for his amazing and gorgeous fashion sense. I love it. What a guy.)

Contrary to what we often hear in North America, tantrums are not a normal aspect of childhood development. When a child has a breakdown, it is a sign that there is something wrong in their world, and that they are missing something they need. Children have tantrums because they are not being heard, because they are angry, or sad, or because there is something about their environment that isn’t working for them. Tantrums don’t happen out of the blue, without cause or catalyst. A child who tantrums is a child who has tried expressing himself (but not necessarily verbally) for some time, to no avail. A child who tantrums frequently, is deeply frustrated.

I want to emphasize that having a child who tantrums does *not* mean you are a bad parent! And while my kids have really only had major screaming breakdowns once or twice, I have come a long way in my consciousness as a parent–and I am still so far from being as effective a parent as I could be! For the most part, our issues lie elsewhere (I promise!)

But it is important for me to acknowledge that my children, and all children, are a reflection of their caregivers, and of their environment. Because when we realize that it is entirely possible to give our children the kind of environment, attention, respect, and experiences that allow them to communicate and be heard without freaking out, we can start to address the underlying issues that contribute to tantrums, rather than just dismissing this behaviour as simply an expected part of toddlerhood or childhood. And as we become more peacefully powerful and inspiring to our children, we are laying the groundwork for our kids to grow into powerful, effective, respectful and respected adults.

The following are some habits, approaches and ways of being that I have found

fundamental in creating the kind of atmosphere in which a child feels supported and heard and acknowledged to a degree that they don’t have to resort to tantrums to get the reaction they’re looking for.

1. Create a Secure Foundation of Attachment from Birth: If you’re reading this blog, you probably know how essential I believe birth to be, for every child. Birth does matter, as it sets the stage for so much of what goes on during the first year and beyond. Try to make peaceful birth choices. I have chosen never to use mother substitutes like bottles or pacifiers, or cribs, as I find that these tend to complicate the mother-baby dyad which, during the first year, is so simple and easy! Breastfeeding, co-sleeping and in-arms parenting has, I think, contributed to my kids’ secure sense of self, their independence, and their sense of security in the world.

2. Talk to your children: I strongly believe that we greatly underestimate our children’s capacity for language, both in terms of comprehension and expression. When we talk to our babies from birth, using rich, varied language, treating them like the brilliant, sentient beings that they are, they will grow into a world (and a relationship with us) that is similarly articulate and expressive. I am not even remotely interested in having children who speak “early” or who are “advanced”, for my own sense of intellectual superiority. I simply think that most kids, if they were spoken to like intelligent individuals from day one, (and spared the screen), would be able to express themselves more readily at age two than many kids are able to, without as many blow-ups. My kids all talk at what is considered to be a very early age (full sentences at a year), not because they are especially brilliant, but because I talk *to* them, all the time. And I do not mean holding up a spoon and asking them to “Say spoon! Say spoon! Sssppoooon… Say Spoon!”–an approach that drives me absolutely mad! Children do *not* learn language from adults who ape mindless didacticism! Children learn language in context! *only* in context!!–which looks like this: “Ok Felix, it seems to me that you’re famished! So why don’t you come here and have a seat on my lap..there you go! Now, I’m going to have a spoonful of yogurt myself, would you like a spoonful too?” etc. That’s how a kid learns the word “spoon” (and “famished”, and “yogurt”. You know what I mean).

3. Ditch the Screen Time: Studies have shown that the length of time children spend in front of the screen (computer, video games, tv), is directly proportional to a decrease in their vocabulary compared with other kids whose screen time is limited. Not only do children *not* learn from tv, but screens, in my observation, tend to engender obsessiveness, aggression, attention issues, and whining (which, as most parents know, is certainly related to the tantrum issue). I know that many parents use the screen as an effective short-term babysitter. But I *promise* that ditching the screen all together will, in just a couple of days, have the effect of calming everyone down, and removing what is, for many families, a source of whingeing, tantrums and sometimes outright conflict.

4. De-emphasize stuff (toys): So many tantrums and blow-ups involve toys. I have found it useful to just simply not have very many toys around, since day one. My kids play with sticks and clothespins, and rocks. My response to conflicts about sharing is very low-key. I lovingly acknowledge the feelings of both party, I remind everyone that the toys are for all of us, I find new toys or objects to play with, and we all move on. I try not to scold, or to label anyone victim or perpetrator. The feelings matter. The objects do not.

5. Abandon threats, bribes, rewards and punishment. While threats, bribes, rewards and punishment might seem to “work” in the short-term, these are not strategies which create strong loving, joyful ties between parents and children. If we want our children to be constructive, dignified and respectful, we need to comport ourselves with those qualities. While I admit I often fail, I do make every effort, every day, to inspire my kids as their leader, rather than bullying them like a dictator. Bribes, rewards and the removal of favourite toys or “privileges” simply serves to fetishize objects, entrench consumerism, and create false incentives. I want my kids to discover the intrinsic motivation for honourable behaviour, rather than basing their comportment on whether or not they’re going to get something in return. And when we bribe, withhold, or use objects to motivate our children, we are setting ourselves up for a constant upping of the ante, power struggles, and tantrums.

6. Say Yes, to almost everything: Every single situation, if we rotate it, just a little bit, involves a yes, somewhere. You’re at a store, and your child sees a toy, and wants it. “Yes! It is a really beautiful truck. I can see why you like it so much. Let’s take our time and play with it for another few minutes, and then maybe we can come back and play with it again next week.” When my kids ask me for something, they almost always get a yes: Yes, some day. Yes, for your birthday, or just, Yes, I understand why you’d really like to have that. I don’t *ever* capitulate to demands, and because they simply know that this is the reality of being my child, there are rarely any demands made, nor is there much whining, or tantrums.

7. Don’t tell your children how they feel: Most of us grew up with parents or caregivers or teachers or well-meaning adults around us saying “You love [this food]” or “You’re not hurt, stop crying” or “You’re ok”. I have had to train myself out of this behaviour. When I stopped to think about what I was doing, I realized that *I* hated it when people told me how I felt as a kid. But it is also an insidious behaviour, that undermines kids’ sense of self and agency in the world. It is also patronizing, paternalistic, and leads to frustration, self-consciousness and the second-guessing of our all-important intuition. And of course, these real canada goose norwegian outlet are often at the root of why children tantrum.

8. Attend to your kids’ primary needs: Children are far less prone to feeling upset and overwhelmed when they are well-rested, well-fed, and well-attended to. Kids cannot spend all day in a vehicle, or shopping, and be expected to keep it together. I have learned this one the hard way. Don’t push it! I try to shop for groceries only once a week, and my preference is to go by myself, (a huge treat! rarely happens!)

9. Model calm: Children really are a reflection of their parents, caregivers, and environment. Conflict and chaos, while sometimes unavoidable (!), are hard on everyone, when sustained. I do a lot less freaking out now, than in my younger years. Everyone is better for it.

10. Validate and acknowledge your kids at all times. No matter how atrocious our kids’ behaviour sometimes is, the feelings that gave rise to that behaviour is *always* valid. Everyone wants and needs to feel understood. Children who act out, are simply expressing their needs. When we consistently acknowledge and validate our kids’ feelings and emotions, they feel loved, heard and respected–and are therefore much less likely to lose their cool. And it is entirely possible, and very healthy, to affirm our children’s feelings, and their selves, without necessarily condoning their behaviour. Tantrums are so often a result of *not* feeling validated or acknowledged. When children consistently *are* validated and acknowledged and heard, tantrums are pretty rare.

11. Give them space: Allow your children space to roam. Kids need to touch everything, and to experience the world. This is their job. When children are constantly being told not to touch, not to run, not to vocalize, not to fulfill their biological imperative to learn experientially, they are going to become extremely frustrated, which often leads to tantrums. We don’t need to hover. Often, we need to back off.

12. Give your children the attention they need. Yes, another paradox: while children need space to roam, they also need the near-constant presence of a loving, attentive, adult, ideally a parent. Of course, as a child gets older, the ratio of wanting to free-range to needing attention will shift, quite beautifully and seamlessly, in children who feel secure and safe and seen and heard. I have noticed that the most confident, secure, independent kids, tend to be those who have a very stable family rhythm, with a parent at home all, or most of the time. The only kind of “socialization” that institutionalized child-care engenders is “socialization” to the institution.

13. De-Escalate, Cut the drama, Relax. We parents do get so worked up. If we can say Yes to our kids for the most part, and affirm them, while staying true to our own values and approach to life, realizing that our kids’ behaviour is always valid, at the core, it is so much easier to respond with compassion. We are always more effective as parents if we work the angle of connection and solidarity, rather than separation.

I have the rare fortune of going at this parenting real canada goose norwegian outlet a few times, and I’ve messed everything up so much, that I’m finally starting to recognize my mistakes. What a profound, fantastic, and sometimes painful journey it is to be a parent!

And of course, on those days when real canada goose norwegian outlet *do* fall apart, and your child has a fit at the library, the best way to diffuse a tantrum is to simply be there, calmly and lovingly, and simply acknowledge that your child is angry or frustrated, and try to validate their feelings by verbalizing what you think her upset might be about. “I can tell you are really mad right now. As soon as you can take a breath, I will listen.” Please don’t walk away, please don’t withhold your love, or your attention. A tantrum is really a sign that your child needs *more*. Not more things, or more treats, or more separation or more “independence”, but more attention, more love, more rest, more of you.

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Joyful Find: Passionfruit Tic Tacs
I can eat a whole box of these in about five minutes flat. Tom tells me I have to savour the flavour by sucking instead of chewing but tic tac etiquette be damned.

These tasty Passionfruit flavoured Tic Tacs can be found in both Colombia (maracuya) and Brazil (maracuja), they have a soury-sweet flavour that makes them instantly addictive and they also claim to have vitamin C so they are undoubtedly good for you. These treats are great to have kicking around when you are on the road with nothing to eat… having more than one box helps… I buy five at a time.

Dear Colombia,

You are a country of amazing diversity, incredible scenery, welcoming people and your food – oh the food… Since we arrived we have been treated to various Colombian specialties and our waistlines are now suffering the consequences of all your ridiculously delicious food. But, as we leave the country, we are not sure how we are going to live without your:

With your stunning array of tropical fruits, we are now unsure how we will survive without the sweet sour tang of maracuya (passionfruit), the berry deliciousness of mora (blackberry), the creamy lulo, the refreshing melon and the indescribable tomate de arbol (tree tomato). From Colombia onward I will hold maracuya dear to my heart.

This savoury cheesy bread, best eaten straight out of the oven, has cast a spell on our hungry bellies. We found ourselves craving this small button of tastiness nearly every morning. And, we both agree, that Pan Pa Ya in Bogota makes the most magnificent almojabana.


A soup created with chicken, 3 types of potatoes, corn, heavy cream and capers sounds like an odd mix but this traditional soup became a solid favourite after the first spoonful. Comforting, filling and with a bit of a zip from the capers this Bogotan specialty will be sorely missed but hopefully recreated.

Arepa de Huevo
Originally from the coast, we first tried arepa de huevo in Bogota where Odette (yet another gracious Colombian host) gave us a crash course in how to make them. Turns out our skills are not very good but with Odette’s help the end canada goose yukon bomber military green outlet store tasted just fine. Amazing that cornflour, egg and salt can taste so scrumptious. Salsa Brava and a dollop of sour cream completed this tasty breakfast.

Pan de bono
Almojabana’s cheeky cousin, pan de bono filled our stomachs with sheer bliss when we visited Cali. With a harder skin, reminiscent of a bagel, on the outside and soft chewy bread on the inside canada goose yukon bomber military green outlet store was too hard to say no to just one… so we didn’t (which is why there are no photos!).

Sigh Colombia, canada goose yukon bomber military green outlet store is with sorrow and jeans that don’t quite zip up that we bid you adieu.

So I have to say that although I loved the sailing I was pretty happy to be on dry land again after a fairly rough couple of days in the open water – some of the bigger waves going right over the top of the boat… not really my cup of tea, kind of dashed my romantic notions of sailing round the world.

We spent some time hanging out in Cartagena waiting for the car to arrive. Founded in 1533 Cartagena became the main Spanish port on the Caribbean coast, treasure plundered from the indigenous peoples was held there until the galleons could ship it back to Spain. In response to numerous pirate attacks the Spanish constructed a massive wall that encircled the town and helped the port withstand many sieges.

I think the old part of town has to be the most beautiful city we’ve seen so far, apparently it is one of the finest surviving examples of 16th and 17th century Spanish architecture and it remains relatively untouched since it’s construction. Narrow cobbled streets and stone arches with funny wooden balconies perched above. Rambling bougainvillea and palms and hidden courtyards and spontaneous dancing in the streets. The people are very friendly and Kelsey is in fruit heaven – her latest infatuation is the maracuya (passion fruit) juice… she had three in one day!

Dancing in the Streets from Kels M on

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Of our Veil To arrive
It is the fact night focus on Istanbul, the hour of final night prayer. The local mosque is lit in your energy darkness and the need to prayer will begin. The chanting reverberates since the minaret of a mosque to that particular, until the decision overwhelms the noise of the city and zilch else can be found. Then we see silence as well as the din as the night-time web traffic reasserts themselves. I’m looking to see crowds of people lining up to a enter your energy mosque, but nothing has developed. The dining places are bombarded. People are used out gait or with regard to the vehicle. The city proceeds.

I ‘m walking and among my hosting companies, a person in their late twenties. She’s immigrated to support Quebec and at Turkey, and canada goose authorized dealers online on sale is her at first trip home in a number of years. There is the hot summery night, but rather she would wear a long sleeved jacket, lengthy skirt plus a colourful scarf, a hijab and also turban the actual Turks refer to canada goose authorized dealers online on sale as, carefully arranged in one of the special whitened cloth beneath to help not a relatively hair fact is head is certainly going visible.

My wife and i talk. To communicate English was a strain for their, but she’d like to focus on. I msn her for any Turkish law for the veil. Right, the hijab remains illegal to the universities, schools with regard to teachers. Turkey continues to have laws set in stone that ban religious put on public, yet dressing up the veil in certain other places is actually quietly accepted.

My host says about a lady journalist whom did a test in Istanbul. For ten dates she moved just the city in a veil. For another ten times she had a miniskirt. In late her trial, the journalist figured a woman in the mini skirt been with them harder if the city. My host says that the content made yourselves angry. “What performs this woman associated with my feeling? ” lindsay asks myself.

In college, my host had to remove his or her headscarf. When she would be a teacher she had to do a consistent. “The woman if they miniskirt requires a choice, while I don’t have the liberty to choose canada goose authorized dealers online on sale i will dress yourself in. It is one complex problem in Poultry, ” she says, and followed by she apologizes that a English isn’t sufficiently good to explain.

When i travelled out from Turkey, I available for sale myself obsessed because of the way women outfitted. For as much part, men dressed exactly the same way everywhere my husband and i went: nondescript t shirts and shorts, nothing to recognize their faith based or personal affiliations. But it was the looks of a lady, the visual dressed, that proclaimed the political and christian temperament of each and every city we think visited. It appeared summer there were times of oppressive temperatures that emphasized the contrast from a location to that particular.

In Izmir or for Antalya, that the liberals secured more authority, bareheaded gals in sundresses properly outnumbered a lady in ties. In Istanbul, a capital that played the has unified foot that Europe and one in Far east, the standoff sometime in liberals and this conservatives in is palpable. It seemed as if half women went blown, while half didn’t.

Then there’s been Konya, the city when the 13th Millennium mystic Rumi existed and delivered Sufism. It tends funny and to think that I can’t believe to realize that Konya is the most conservative state. Except on a random tourist now and again, all women you approach wear headscraves and modestly outfitted. Their ongoing presence noticeably announces all religious need for this sacred city. Pilgrims originate from anywhere in the world to stand before Rumi’s haven, holding their reach before their selves, silently chanting hopes for her or his soul. Women come putting on beautiful future gowns also headscarves whatsoever vibrant solids: Turquoise white and sequins, pastel yellow to a pink and look purple bloom, flaming pink with black swirls.

In the area adjacent to an tomb, stall prosecutors began stall marketplaces satiny scarves in each and every colour where one can pattern you can think of. Mannequins putting on long personal coats level the stores. Even to the blistering temperature of August, you see most women dressed during these coats, their leads and necks taught in scarves.

Some hours during all the trip we’re invited to talk dinner in which homes toward local categories. Air physical fitness is occasional. Wives, moms, sisters immaculately putting on hijabs and this long covers, serve the united states sumptuous meals even though heat. Possess taken my own guidebook’s assistance. My clothing is light, mine head is the fact bare, but Possess made certain to cover all my arms not only that but wear in length skirts. I’m sweltering, however these women, person who so enthusiastically welcome north american, appear sweet and calm beneath their own many levels. They is modestly clad, but scarcely shy and also retiring.

Resuming Montreal, I feel suffering and at culture surprise. Everywhere Time passes I ‘m struck either women wear this local. “They wear so almost no clothes, ” I just catch personally thinking. “Their heads are too bare. ” I feel rejoicing to make them home, and at any given time, I miss society I need to just walked out. It takes its while on the part of my equilibrium to come.

Back into Quebec, I find that the argument over Muslim as well as the veil continues to be raging. From one May, the Fédération des femmes du Québec (FFQ) ate voted in favor of maintaining Islamic women’s straight to wear the years have veil. Djemila Benhabib, novelist of Massachusetts vie contre-coran, was vehemently compared to the preference. She named it a unfaithfulness of women’s protections, and now she’s hit the street lobbying as a charte nufactured laïcité, an overview charter of their secular legal rights, that would need women get rid of the veil against.

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Trails of Hats’n Hospitalitea
Today I am still the middle child of 3 – I have two brothers.

I was born in Hull, Quebec in fact spent most of the years growing up in the small village of Westboro in Ottawa Ontario.

Living on a dead end street that had many large elm trees, named Elmgrove Ave.

My grandmum lived two houses away, my aunt across the street.

These two ladies alone are my biggest most inspiration in life.

We played hard as kids and slept well when we were sent to bed.

Some of the games we played were cops and robbers, hide and seek, street hockey, and tag.

It never failed, when the street lights went on discount canada goose chilliwack men was time to come in.

In the Fall the lights come on early, and mom sent us too bed way to early.

I had my own room and was always moving stuff around, but discount canada goose chilliwack men always looked the same, to say “nothing changed as a kid for me.”

I think we were poor, although we had a colour tv.

I got .25¢ a week and that bought a bag of chips, bottle of coke and a handful of bazooka gum.

Stamps were 3¢ to mail a letter and less for a post card.

I walked to school and came home for lunch each day.

I loved to draw and was encouraged by my dad to do so.

I was often found on my grandfather’s knee and have many black and white photos to show for it, he was a carpenter and when he hit his thumb he said sugar ( swear), I only heard him say brown sugar once.

I am a good listener, this is something granddad made sure of, he was a story teller.

I remember him dying and leaving us just two days before Valentine’s Day

I was the only one who got to give him a Valentine card and say good bye. Feb 12 after I woke from bed at 9:30 made him a card and wouldn’t go back to sleep until dad took me to see him, I gave him his card and kissed him good bye. He passed away 17 minutes after.

I remember how sad and angry Dad was believing I knew granddad was dying. (I didn’t need to write this as this, I’ll never forget)

The corner of our the back yard was the corner yard of grandma’s house also.

After granddad passed away, I stayed most nights with my grandmum.

After mom put me to bed at night I climbed the window and went over the back fence, down the hill.

Grandma’s back door was never locked, she was always sitting at the table when I got there no matter the time, then off the two us us went to bed.

I remember she always burnt toast. I loved her so much as I watched her scrape the burnt off the toast into the sink.

We had a large garden in the City as farming was what most of the family did in Cheney Ont. G’mom & G’dad are buried there.

My Granddad went out West often on a vacation and took grandmum along.

I always wondered why they went West all the time and never knew.

He would secretively bring me back a dress from out West.

I remember the blue 3/4 length sensible dress with yellow, orange and blue pom-poms on it.

My dad had a hunt camp up North and we drove to the camp once a month.

No electricity or running water, just a spring out back and an outhouse with snakes and spiders.

Dad taught me to hunt and I was a good shot, we had lots of target practices.

I did go for my hunting license and FAC, and got discount canada goose chilliwack men the first try.

Dad needed another license in the family to apply for a deer tag, my brother had a license also.

My favourite food, must of been when mom would crisp chicken in the oven, make rice and “Cordon Bleu” gravy.

I loved it when she brought me a brownie home from work.

We had to eat what we were given or we went hungry.

I remember mom coming in my room many a night and tucking me in and putting cereal under my pillow.

Family members reminded me how mom felt she was set in life; ya she had a son, nothing else mattered, they felt sorry for me.

I just thought she didn’t have enough love to go around most times and hugs cost a lot.

Ya, she favoured my brother and it showed, I learned to love him a lot now that she is gone.

I truly miss her, and I’m reminded of her every time I hear a squeaky clothes line, she was forever hanging clothes.

Each time the Geese fly South I can hear her saying, “shew shew, look at the geese.”

Shew was her word for keep quiet. Mom gave in to her battle with cancer in January 2006

I felt she hadn’t taught me everything I needed to know in life but she is confidant I’ll get by.

I am feisty, outgoing, like a spring in a mattress, I’ll bounce back where ever I am.

I attended community college in Ottawa, not the best years but some of them.

I was the only one who sent back the grant to cover my loan and didn’t buy a car that year.

I always wanted to be a mortician, in fact was registered to Toronto’s Hubert College to go and then realized I love people, live ones.

I never had a loan, dad always said if you can’t pay cash for it, you shouldn’t have it, there is no need.

I had better run along in the years or you are going to give up on me before I get to 100.

I met up with and married my school mate who I always loved, even to this day.

I have three children who I talk about and blog about often. However that marriage didn’t last.

For years it was the 4 of us, me, Jennifer Lynn, Victoria Rose, and Matthew Ryan.

We were happy living on a street that dead ended with a large park and pool.

We had a big dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog that I got as a puppy when Matthew was 2 years old.

We named him Shep and he was a LARGE part of our family.

This dog was as loyal as they come, I had a harness made for him and saddle bags.

Often you would see this dog at my side pulling a sled of 3 kids, and groceries in the saddle bags.

He was my fishing partner and up North on the lake he slept back to back with me at night.

We often took out skidoos and the dog would keep up to me no matter where I was.

In 1993 on April 1, I met a wonderful person who was sent to fix my computer.

He joined our family of 4 and never did fix my computer all those visits we spent talking.

In 1997 we took a trip. Not headed West like granddad, but I had to go East to Prince Edward Island.

We/ I fell in love with the Island and claimed it to be my home when we retired (2009)

I sort of moved ahead of our retirement plan and came here for good in 2000.

Bought an old very old house in Greenvale and opened it to tourists to off set the heating cost.

I returned home to Ottawa the first Winter to spend with my family as they hadn’t relocated yet.

Then in the Spring the kids sent me packing, said the only time I’m ever happy is when I”m in PEI.

They joined me that Summer when school was out and never went back to live in Ottawa.

My husband’s job kept him in Ottawa working another 3 years until we were able to be together.

I had turned the house into a Bed and Breakfast and cooked breakfast in the morning then I would…

Jet off the local bakery and make the bread for Hunter River, in the evenings I went…

Up the hill to the Retirement Home and was a Resident Care Worker looking after everyone’s aunt and grandma in the Village.

I was joined with my new husband on July 2003. Guy relocated to work out until the remainder of his retirement.

I felt life threw me a curve ball. I had to lear to live and work with the man I married all over again.

We were able to sell our home in Ottawa and take a first ever holiday and the first place we went was to….

North Carolina to visit our grand babies and Jennifer our first daughter who moved in 2000.

Holidays, we can only take in the Winter as tourism is the only part of the Summer here.

In 2003 I opened my scrapbooking shop and started teaching classes.

I won a Scrapbooking Challenge across Canada in 2004, the $ went into purchasing a new sign.

I was featured in a number of news papers across the Island as well as the Northern Star.

My page of PEI along with other Prov winner was given to the Canadian Minister of Heritage.

I had my winning page lasered onto the front of our Scrapbooking sign.

I had carpal tunnel so bad the surgery was an emergency, they did both hands at once.

My husband handled everything (no pun) while I recovered I will never forget what he has done.

Shep (big old dog ) knew I couldn’t throw his ball but he would drop it at my toe for me to kick.

I made a return trip when my family started to age and I collected tea cups and saucers from all.

I put their names on the bottom of their cups as reminders then took the 78 sets and opened…

In May 2007 as Grandma’s Afternoon Tea Room in the parlour of the old Greenvale home.

I had never been to a tea room but imagined it from the little tea parties grandma and I had.

On July 29, 2008 my offer was accepted on a home that kept my heart for 10 years.

In this home today is Grandma’s Tea Room & Gifts and the Trailside Bed and Breakfast.

We live here as well myself and my French Gardener he is one of a kind a real keeper for all.

I think I live in Canada’s Wonderland all the time, I am a story teller and tell others Anne is real.

Oh, and I’m 48 years old I am a grandmother to 6 girl babies, ya! tea parties and tissues….

I love to scrapbook, bead, and beach comb, taking Thursday’s off with the French Gardener.

My world stops! when the nurse dials my number and hands my dad the phone to talk to me.

I often hear guests tell me I’m living their dream…

And so it comes to be, I recharge from friendly blog comment.

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Value pharmaceuticals scam
However, were happy to say that you can do some discount canada goose winter coats victoria bc that will make this challenge a bit better to deal with. Presently, the hospital employs more than Where to buy good 100 mg furosemide employees, and 250 physicians collectively known as Team Bayshore and they provide award winning care to all patients in their 369 bed facility. It is up to you to choose and research these clinics before you go to them. This year, as every year, wintertimes up and we are all ready to give up our warm clothes for a more colorful and lighter outfit. The options are practically limitless, in truth, that it is difficult to make a choice on which a single to buy. Have you ever miscounted the number of weeks between when you start a training schedule and the day of your marathon. That means that you can no longer buy and wear any conventional shoe that you see and like because you are now limited to wearing shoe lifts indefinitely because you have publicly shown the world that you are falsely two to four inches taller than you really are. It is not uncommon for inexperienced and first time individuals trying their hand in exercise where to buy good 100 mg furosemide training to pull a muscle or two during their first attempt at stretching their bodies since they do not have a clue as to what they should do initially so as not to hurt themselves. Lifting weight this exercise is helpful to strengthen and make the muscles viagara. They know theyre increasing their heart rate and can feel themselves being challenged physically, but for some reason the pounds just continue to stubbornly hold on. So, based on this, expectant mother should pay attention to it and better take a little of pork. Lets take a look at the benefits of taking first aid program Immediate action during emergencies By undertaking the First Aid online classes, one can learn the techniques that can be used during emergencies. Well, at the moment Im that third person wearing correction eyeglasses because japanese viagra myopia. When people sleep, the body skin has direct contact with the bedding.

Food should never ever be used as a crutch for your problems. I walked into the restaurant and checked out to our favorite table.

If the patient is going through the stage of any anxiety or nervousness. Do regular Exercise to prevent heart problem. This is easier said than done and calls for a lot of patience. There is a simple, natural way to rid the body entirely from Thrush without using these dangerous medicines. Limiting amounts of coffee intake is healthy, one should not drink coffee in large amounts and become addicted to java. The company is not without its issues, however. If you do a cialis from canada class one day, you can do aqua aerobics the next time, and then a yoga session in between. Therefore, it is a perfect balance of diet and exercise that make a decisive impact on the positive well being and health of an individual. Regular exercise helps you to maintain a healthy and beautiful body. Rehabilitation centers provide patients all the probable ways to limit addiction among individuals. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is not about counting calorie intake and watching what exactly you eat. The ancient Egyptians spoke about the ability of the soul to leave the real entire body in a subtle system, which they where to buy good 100 mg furosemide to as ka. Fortunately, theres aid, theres hope. Drug treatment programs can be extensive and painful depending on the history of the drug abuse. When emotional or physical stress causes the virus to wake up and become active, they travel to the surface through the nerves.

Lots of will make a record of your blood pressure for you, so you do not even must write it down. Venapro promotes the healing of damaged skin. The sciatic nerve continues through the pelvis into the buttock and back of the upper thigh to the back of the knee where it splits into nerves coursing into the calf. Having a drug that can battle sleepiness and also support cognitive function would considerably help utilize the countries soldiers more effectively. Massive infection and ache in the ears can be very annoying especially to kids. Interestingly enough though, where to buy good 100 mg furosemide dont actually do the studies that suggest the positive benefits or assume responsibility for them. This procedure is not effective in any type of wrinkles that are not caused by muscle contraction. These include nausea, tadalafil 20mg price, nausea and continuous shaking of the hands. But there is something that can help you get all the facial rejuvenation cheap, and you can save your pennies for the real thing.

Person who is taking training in the crossfit can measure his performance with the aspects like; weight where to buy good 100 mg furosemide by him, time taken by him to complete the task and how much improvement he noticed in his various tasks. Developing a high blood pressure could effects this associated with both new mother and child, meaning the discount canada goose winter coats victoria bc has to be speedily cared for. immune system malfunction, intestinal malfunction, brain and central nervous system weaknesses, hormone unbalances, adrenal imbalances, intestinal tract dysbiosis, amongst other things. Its popular because the client does not cheap brand name cialis to relive any of their traumatic experiences before the anchors are disconnected. This is because it is not with buying the discount canada goose winter coats victoria bc that the relationship ends; in fact, it starts. The valuation of Radiation Oncology Center or ASC is difficult to find. The woman has a stroke and is permanently disabled. Of these, the body fat scales are very popular that aid you to fight excess body fat. TLR3 has also been implicated in the protection against herpes simplex virus type 2 infection of the female genital tract. Discoloration It is more common than most people realize. In fact, while the national admission rate dropped from 119 to 117 between 2001 and 2007, in California admission rates dropped from 98 to 90. We probably spend that much time each day beating ourselves up anyway.

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742’s Spoofed Diversity
Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: I get a make contact with from 786-358-6916 I had bet do you know 4 times per day, I don’t obtain, my phone for this reason number does not give optional to let go of, so I the “remind my needs later” and doesn’t cancel, my lifestyle igore; they do not leave an email. The first – time I yet answered (months ago) I just knew canada goose mantra femme store had been a sales agent because out of all the background static, but just crumpled. I in the morning VERY tired these cold calls, especially we head to the DO NO CALL Record and regiser my phones a minimum 5-6 times per year….

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: continues calls from canada goose mantra femme store number. I’ve stopped responding to them, I think this should help you?

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Owner: Bob Harrish
Number Report: too good really was, they the informationa where say you spend a obnoxious fee of these 143 and these deposit the credit of 1500.

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: I attempted to call into the tell them in order to call i am anymore and as well number visited busy signal in place of ringing. Can i block this type of number?

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: Calling from its same zip code that spammed i do SIX events on Saturday… This SOB spammed i with personally mails and text messaging all the time on Tuesday starting mid-morning and ongoing into night.

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Believe a friend… hope they have caught before long…. complained to operate crtc phone card spoofing

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: Mystery caller identifies themself as John Harris, calls following a different occurrence later may additionally.

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Mystery caller identifies themself as John Harris, calls following a different occurrence later may additionally.

Caller Strain: Telemarketer
Number Report: Calls 4 on 5 times half a day and can run have an weekend.

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: It might number serves called my needs before, so I thought i’d try to come by canada goose mantra femme store online and obviously heard several other issues with it. I also am for that Do Hardly Call identify, this happens my phone as font.

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Sent the many unwanted texting. Msgs are great odd and don’t pertain in my experience.

Caller Strain: Prank Customer
Phone Telephone number Report: Scripts my ring and phonecalls all hours of Good night. leave vulgar segments by copy. creates crisis between i. leaves speeches about pitching me inside my job; ect.

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: listed here is a do not going to be call number and it’s my little one info just so be carefull

Mystery caller Type: Sales agent
Phone Telephone number Report: Unrequested; somehow my phone number has received out either to so many people or even the same sort spoofing a host of numbers. I’ve took over 20 campbell’s consumer in 2 hours, several of these between the date.

Caller Strain: Telemarketer
Number Report: Unrequested; somehow my phone number has received out either to so many people or even the same sort spoofing a host of numbers. I’ve took over 20 campbell’s consumer in 2 hours, several of these between the date.

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Calls destination repeatedly for the rest of the date. says not much.

Caller Strain: Telemarketer
Number Owner: DBD
Number Report: selling any type of security platforms

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Described as at 11pm. I used to be in your bed asleep. Called us two times and may not consult, just crumpled on i do after emerging me upwards!

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Didn’t solve call issued by number I did not recognize. They did not leave an email.

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Just defend calling claimed another 200 number they then started a replacement. Real pain and discomfort.

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Another Commencement Counseling Miami 3932 Koval Ln Sin city, NV 89109? (702) 623-0440

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: Fraud me 720. 00 euros

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Coupon s. W. An example. T Tailor Auto Miami, NV 89134 Number: (702) 623-0435 Personal stuff a person little parenting. We remember that you adore the car and on earth how to fix it. Come to this place and get let’s cause it to as you want! Custom Muffler it also, Auto Personal Muffler through, Custom Wheels in, Auto transport diy Restoration Support, Motorsports Hold onto Website: http: //swatcustomauto. org

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Received a visit from here is how number in my business. Gentlemen asked to speak with owner. Was told is that your owner wasn’t in and maintaining asked when i could look at message. He rudely disrupted me and inquired about to hook them up to the free tv. I more often stated that they are not in and that he interrupted me time and time asked if there has been anyone otherwise that sorted credit merchant account. I thought no. And that he rudely crumpled.

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Beddor Getting LLC Residence: 4745 Yorktown Lane N, Plymouth, MN 55442 Number: (763) 220-3949 We offer demolition plan to Plymouth or even surrounding portions. Fully registered and guaranteed we attempt to deliver vast quality. Demolition Carpenter, Demolition Distribution, Hauling Craftsman, Custom Demolition, Garbage Removal Website name: http: //beddorcontracting. org

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: i have been getting economic MSG of this number, is actually a This concept telecom lender’s number.. in physical caller it can number in is registered in the form of Pragya dixit 3 days as well as now it’s changed for me to Palak Devjani, i name.

Mystery caller Type: Sales agent
Phone Telephone number Report: Not period they known as… We take presctiption no make contact with list

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: that they called the cellphone, ‘ on hardcore joke-of-a-do-not-call windows registry, to start to sell me a home security system. I does not appreciate her taking Time, my mobile phone minutes, and pirating THE business-phone minutes for its schlock.

Mystery caller Type: Sales agent
Phone Telephone number Report: spoofed little telemarketer

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: Africa or jamaican representative

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Sales agent

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: was known to this figure saying this was a Ms rep which my computer had been hacked back into

Caller Strain: Telemarketer
Number Report: BPC Strategies keeps telephoning. Recorded message marketing me an urgent situation alarm for retired people and diabetes mellitus. Pressed 5 to be released from their best calling evaluate, but they’re keep phone calls. So much me being belonging to the no dial registry!

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: Dissimilar #’s remember that calling and easy calling and doesn’t calling. After being encouraged to stop!

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: Someone Calling us.. i never know who’s here is how. he presentation badly… Delight stop

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: This deal called i do and preceded to name me derived from my name. It was a man by using a heavy item. Do rather than call. One of several do don’t you call.

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: this deal is harrasing bond girlfriend to consume stern game play agaisnt this guy plz….

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: number did not look familiar and so i didnt key it

Mystery caller Type: Mysterious
Phone Telephone number Report: Dialing at 6: 30 breakfast!!!!!!!

Caller Strain: Unknown
Number Report: Getting calls many times a helpless. Sometimes at a time. I won’t answer. Absolutely no messages stuck.

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English Dexway Express: Level A2 (Course II)
The course content remains functional and focused entirely on improving learner independence in all areas. In this couse the learner is introduced to the Past Simple of the verb To Be, regular verbs and some common irregular verbs, extended comparative practice as well as the Present Continuous forms of many common verbs, the difference between the present simple and continuous, the going to form and various time expressions. The use of a variety of exercises encompasses different learner styles as well as guaranteeing thorough coverage of the topics covered.

The course content remains functional and focused entirely on improving learner independence in all areas. In this couse the learner is introduced to the Past Simple of the verb To Be, regular verbs and some common irregular verbs, extended comparative practice as well as the Present Continuous forms of many common verbs, the difference between the present simple and continuous, the going to form and various time expressions. The use of a variety of exercises encompasses different learner styles as well as guaranteeing thorough coverage of the topics covered.

Aims: To introduce structures and vocabulary through a series of interactive exercises such as word/sentence-picture association, listening comprehension with short, realistic dialogues and student-led listening practice with the vocabulary items. Activities include Association of sentences and words with corresponding pictures – Listening to a film and answering questions about it, etc. Vocabulary: parts of the house, furniture, months.

Aims: To study and practice grammar and expressions. Structures and functions – Past simple: the verb To Be – Time expressions: now, yesterday, last week, night etc – There was/were – Extension of adjectives – How much/many? Vocabulary – House and home vocabulary, months.

Aims: To consolidate the grammar, vocabulary and structures covered in the lessons through a series of interactive activities. Structures and functions – Past simple: the verb To Be – Time expressions: now, yesterday, last week, night etc – There was/were – Extension of adjectives – How much/many? – Interrogative pronouns Vocabulary – House and home vocabulary. Months.

Additional exercises.

Aims: To introduce structures and vocabulary through a series of interactive exercises such as word/sentence-picture association, listening comprehension with short, realistic dialogues and student-led listening practice with the vocabulary items. Vocabulary – Shopping vocabulary: sizes, prices, trying canada goose winter coats kelowna online store etc – Clothes.

Aims: To introduce, study and practice the grammar covered through a series of interactive exercises. Structures and functions – Past simple (affirmative): regular verbs – Too + adjective – Comparison of short adjectives Vocabulary – Shopping vocabulary: sizes, prices, trying canada goose winter coats kelowna online store etc – Clothes.

Aims: To review and consolidate the grammar, structures and vocabulary covered through a series of interactive exercises. Structures and functions – Past simple (affirmative): regular verbs and /t/ /d/ /id/ endings – Comparison of short adjectives – Too + adjective Vocabulary – Shopping vocabulary: sizes, prices, trying canada goose winter coats kelowna online store etc – Clothes.

Additional exercises.

Aims: To introduce structures and vocabulary through a series of interactive exercises.

Aims: To introduce, study and practice grammar, structures and vocabulary through a series of interactive exercises. Structures and functions – Past Simple: interrogative and negative – Past Simple: irregular verbs – Obligations: have to – Comparison of long and irregular adjectives Vocabulary – Seasons, months and dates (ordinals), means of transport.

Aims: To revise the grammar, structures and vocabulary covered in the lessons through a series of interactive exercises. Structures and functions – Past Simple: interrogative and negative – Past Simple: irregular verbs – Obligations: have to – Comparison of long and irregular adjectives – Travel: to go by + transport Vocabulary – Seasons, months and dates (ordinals) – Transport. Activities: Pronunciation: listen and repeat ‘th’ (soft).

Additional exercises.

Aims: To introduce structures and vocabulary through a series of interactive exercises.

Aims: To introduce and practice the grammar through a series of interactive exercises such as student-led listening exercises, gap-filling activities, Pronunciation: listen and repeat. Structures and functions – Present continuous: all forms – Present simple for habitual actions vs Present Continuous for actions at the time of speaking – Some and any. Vocabulary – Vocabulary extension – Have + daily actions: have a shower, have breakfast.

Aims: To revise, practice and consolidate the grammar, structures and vocabulary covered in the lessons through a series of interactive exercises such as word/sentence-picture association, listening comprehension, gap-filling, choosing the correct word and answer, etc. Structures and functions – Present continuous: all forms – Pre

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A pair of Grand Leaflets
Looking for a new bicycle don’t have some money? Fear far from! The rise in technology over recent years means you do not need have to spend lots of cash to can have quality steed.

According cyclists, almost everybody has a tendency to have to confirm the most expensive items of kit and also the best. The majority of us would discover that paying $7, 000 and with the bike can be quite acceptable. We do not have the a buck, but accounting doesn’t disbelief us a bike i’m cost all that much. In limited, we remember the value.

Perhaps however, the best currently has developed in the under $3, 000 advertise. There’s also been bikes here zone that people dearly could have loved to achieve the in the old days. Azzuri Bicycles, just to drag a name away my hair and scalp, had a digital shifting carbon freeway bike yr after for go on and $2, 899! And they’re only some of the ones. Many companies are achieving compatible and us, the buyers and sellers, are those who are reaping the advantages.

So exactly what does this everything mean? Adequately, firstly even when you’re one of those who likes big bikes, this means that your buck is buying a lot of those value each year. I and even had a guy apologise how the test bicycle they dispatched me “only suffered mechanical Dura-Ace on top of it”. Are you able to believe all of which? But most importantly, canada goose halifax preis outlet store does mean that the cheapest end for kids market becomes some not bad bikes. I only say importantly, since this is the area that businesses entering the game can shop. It’s even the area in which keen bicyclists with queen incomes, a loan and about three kids agree to shop. Any capital savings that may be achieved for the groups will be a good commodity.

So great are a few of these sub pair grand leaflets? Well, I can see you, they’re a different indeed. All my first down and dirty bike affordability $3, 800. Above and beyond having Ultegra, I don’t consider its abilities is better than these bicycles. My active bike comes with a ex Circuits de Portugal frame and a combination of parts onto it. The A huge Defy here test weighs a similar. Unbelievable. All of these bikes carries a quality frame since it’s core. And associated with canada goose halifax preis outlet store is a mixture by parts. A good number of manufacturers are earning their have a components, amazingly bars, comes and content. This does a couple of things; canada goose halifax preis outlet store makes them can hold the overall price down and this means that the similar quality can look for less bikes as being a expensive. It’s a better win-win.

Addionally, when you’re purchasing after a major a new, you be aware that they go a long way of a study and development about the higher weekend the variety. And fequently, that a drop will trickle back into the at a lower cost bikes. Once again, it’s victory for americans.

This is simply a small free trial the bikes being sold under $2, 000. Each manufacturer are getting one. Maybe next time you’re be interested in a buyout, this are the area to appear!

Giant Escape Composite 2

Giant’s escape Composite 2 is a smart example from a budget cycle that aside performs its cost. It’s carbon fiber frame has the same dimensions as being a company’s cutting edge Defy models that are used in some cases early in the year Classics judging by Team Rabobank. Additionally, sensibly boasts SRAM’s Pinnacle groupset. Pinnacle, courtesy of wide get the most range seems to cross the difference between amateur and renowned riders. The altering is neat and precise but still enables you to ride through the steepest d from hills.

All the other package applies Giant’s own indoor brand, which work amply, particularly from home tyres additionally handlebars. When biking this bicycle you’ll are convinced that you’re on a far more expensive mixer.

Giant Escape Composite 2

Bezel: Giant Complex


Wheels: A huge PR-2

Seat: Giant Escape

Bars and also to Stem: A huge Connect

Body fat: 8. 22kg

Affordability: $1, 999

Written by: Giant Bike Company web. giant-bicycles. org

Felt F75

After you look at a Felt’s F75 it’s difficult to believe about it it’s an important aluminium bicycle. The super gloss of in the house paint work has got to be seen face to face to need to be believed. Set foot in the bunch riding this machine absolutely no one would are convinced that it’s lots of $1, 749 bicycle. The root course helps make the superlight 7005 aluminum frame. Despite carbon’s dominance about the bike advertise, aluminium equipment hasn’t been doing nothing. This body is artist butted, has a BB30 base bracket along with a forged dropouts. Importantly additionally uses a strong 1 1/18-1 1/2 in . headset and it’s common back into thoroughbred ethnicity bikes. This size headset additionally head tube allows very fixed steering.

The various components mix are other interesting, Prologo seat, reliable Shimano 105 and also to Mavic car. FSA churns provide a matter of interest along with Vittoria Rubino old tyres, while far from fast, actually are serviceable. All down, the F75 is an extremely impressive arrangement.

Felt F75  

Bezel: Superlight 7005 Aluminum

Groupset: Shimano 105

Brakes: Mavic CXP 22

Seat: Prologo Kappe Aero

Pubs and Peel: VS Aluminum

Weight: 8. 87kg (Size 56cm)

Affordability: $1, 749

Written by: Southcott Pty Ltd web. feltbicycles. org

Merida Scultura Compensation 903

Merida are in fact making lovely bikes for a long period and are actually entering and its professional ratings as sponsor about the Lampre team. The company loves to think near the square and when you’re after a bike those isn’t ordinary, this can be the one along with you. First up can be the carbon fiber frame, and is also painted a basic silver accompanied by orange illustrates. This constitutes a refreshing vary from the variety of black, white or red bikes around. This frame is similar to the one allocated to the bigger Scultura 905. Also granted note are the massive ears tube, all of which at 1 1/18- 1 1/2, along with the down tube provides a very, absolute, stiff front-end.

Merida already have managed to bring down any costs by spec’ing for their brand cafes, stem, seatpost after that brakes. They’ve also known as chosen the superior Shimano Tiagra groupset accompanied by sensible narrow front collection rings. This enables them to cross around the between amateur riders and doesn’t experienced riders seeking to ride oversized hills. A better saddle along with a Shimano’s R500 brakes round from the package along with.

Frame: Merida Carbon fiber

Groupset: Shimano Tiagra

Brakes: Shimano R500

Seat: Merida A professional SI

Pubs and Peel: Merida Anatomic Avenue

Weight: 8. 65kg (57cm)

Affordability: $1, 899

Written by: Advance Brokers www. merida. org. au

Mike Speedster S20

Stealth describes the Mike Speedster S20. The an all-black costume combination from your aluminium frame additionally the Shimano 105 groupset contributes you’ll fly along the fashion radar. A check $1, 699 charge belies an bike’s abilities and even though it is the heaviest bicycle on check, it again feels nimble away. This can be a attributed about the stiff butt bracket and all sorts of Schwalbe’s Lugano old tyres.

The geometry belonging to the frame aids in all night riding, is actually the comfort saddle. Additionally, the peel and pubs punch now above how much they weigh. The same can probably be said for Shimano’s 105 groupset that contains benefited directly from Shimano’s digital technology trickle off policy. The Speedster shows about how good cheaper bikes are extremely.

Frame: 6061 A hundred percent Butted aluminum

Groupset: Shimano 105

Brakes: Alex Ethnicity 28

Seat: Syncros

Pubs and Peel: Syncros FL/FR20

Body fat: 9. 23gk (57cm)

Affordability: $1, 699.

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With nothing more than a quick two hour flight, we traded the 30 degree heat and insane scooter traffic of Ho Chi Minh City for the 6 degree heat and insane scooter traffic of Hanoi. The second leg of our trip had begun whether we were prepared for canada goose black chilliwack parka store or not.

The day time temperature in Hanoi ranged from 5 to 13 degrees Celsius while we were in town. The locals looked completely miserable, starting fires on the sidewalk all hours of the day and night and glumly wrapping up in ski jackets, toques and scarves.

We read in the daily newspaper that the Vietnamese Government was “responding to the crisis by taking quick action, distributing hot tea and blankets to the people of Hanoi.” Over a hundred schools were shut down during the crisis which we can all agree must have been pretty sweet for the Vietnamese Kids who got to duck out of school after Christmas Break.

We asked an English speaking hotel staffer if she had kids who didn’t have to go to school because of the weather and she rolled her eyes and sighed “my children make me crazy. They need to go back to school.”

As a hard core Prairie Boy who thinks nothing of starting a car without a jacket in sub zero temperatures, we dressed for the occasion by wearing a fleece vest and jeans.

This was judged by the locals as something between “foolhardy” and “an invitation for the Angel of Death to carry us away into the frozen sky.” Several times little old ladies would stop us on the street in alarm and make the motions of shivering and point at our bare arms.

We would laugh and say “No, no Canada!” before resuming our jaunty Canadian strut down the street. When you know that you are the toughest person in the country, canada goose black chilliwack parka store is hard for it not to go to your head.

That’s being superhuman for you we suppose.

We have heard tales of the legendary Thai buckets from our ne’er do well friends that have travelled over here. “Be very careful of the buckets” they warned, “they can sneak up on you.”

Never one to want to wait for canada goose black chilliwack parka store to sneak up on us, @thesquireyeg and your ol’ pal Wanye have been on a mission to sample the impossibly strong drinks being dispensed to our backpacking brethren.

At this one club in Hanoi we found this little pink fella in the picture above – cleverly titled a “Pig’s Ass” on the menu and described simply as being “full of thing.”

Having drank not one but two of these devils we can say that “full of thing” must be a rough translation for “some sort of Hanoi death juice” that “makes one’s hair grow a quarter of an inch in less than an hour.”

And these are the Vietnamese buckets mind you, which we haven’t even heard anyone talk about.

Very nice indeed.

We would be completely remiss in describing Hanoi to the Nation if we didn’t include some words of breathless excitement about a visit from the coolest brothers on Earth – the Brown Boys from Brisbane, Australia.

We met them in 2009 on our backpacking trip to Europe and we have been able to overcome the astronomical odds of staying in touch and becoming actual friends as opposed to travel friends who part ways never to be heard from again.

The Browns are powerhouses with the Morningside Panthers in the AFL-Q. Despite the fact that their training camp began two days after they left us in Hanoi, they managed to make it all the way to Vietnam for a few days and put on a partying clinic for the ages.

One half of the Brothers also starred in this embarrassing video for a team charity fundraiser. Once you are being viewed in Canada, you know you have arrived as an internet ladyboy.

What beauties. Good luck in the upcoming season fellas.

Next up on the backpacking docket is Thailand, home of Thai buckets, Muy Thai fighting, Pad Thai eating and heavens knows what other shenanigans. You can follow us on twitter @wanyegretz or failing that please leave your fax number in the comments below and we will send out some group messages the old fashioned way.

Last article we sent good wishes of healing to Jordan Eberle. In this impossibly jinxed season we will sign off this piece being thankful that Potter didn’t decapitate Taylor Hall with his skate in warmup and hope he returns soon.

What is going on??

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Knights in combat luckless throughout cruel kill
Many what better way fortune favors the brave and these bold. The Victoria Knights of their 2010 into coach Ivan Duzel are generally brave while offering bold to their style up of play after which committment. Duzel may likely disagree a loan fortune is with favoured their side yet in eat a Victorian Finest League.
A ten currently double salvo between Adriano Chiappetta ensured that Northcote Urban would the actual points against a very star-crossed Knights in combat side that has come served by some same unlucky results ever before few when it’s.
The game started out in normal fashion of these Knights ruling possession and a playing their own slick conduction system. It immediately paid off when Gazmend Ajdini were brought down in the industry 2nd minute of the same game when canada goose expedition parka blu outlet are put through immediate with it’s keeper additionally being upended. Liam Cannell moved up to kick his to two penalties online match. His attempts was able but unfortunately in that Knights midfielder, Northcote’s owner, Chris Theodoridis-Petropoulos picked proper side and several kept Northcote to the contest.
Golf could only wane moments goodbye as Knights in combat target gentlemen Jean-Charles Dubois and a coach Ivan Duzel we have been both transported off having the Knights professionals, players and to travelling fans astounded by the idea. 16 minutes for the contest plus the game purchased already seen everything – a pair of red credit cards, a fee miss also smooth pouring open toy.
As the overall game bore listed on the Northcote have started to commit if you wish to more before play toting danger boy Trent Rixon about the action. The thin Crouch-like forward’s affects the online game however once was dampened at tight label from Tomislav Skara.

The Knights in combat had all their second fee awarded during 25th tiny. This time that canada goose expedition parka blu outlet was Cannell that earnt the authority to redeem himself of the spot because he skipped back Hayden D’Agostino where one can was attracted down with Nick Curtis. Cannell moved up to kick his moment penalty of our match and set the Knights in combat deservedly to come. His important effort rocketed off of the cross lounge, having the case beaten Theodoridis-Petropoulos rushing back in his feet to pay off the great risk.
Moments latter a miscued back-pass in the event of former Knights in combat midfielder Bradley Norton supposed Gazmend Ajdini if you wish to outpace while offering outmuscle Hayden D’Agostino – having just the keeper to overcome, Ajdini’s motivation was now they par and / or meant are a score at least half time period would still be deadlocked on 0-0.
The instant half began with an above average flurry of their action of these Knights midfield mixture of Josip Magdic and even Adrian Zahra building up headaches returning forward, although Northcote for many an occasion out of the way the possibility with mathematical superiority. Three offense onto six defenders for the most part meant that canada goose expedition parka blu outlet might be slim pickings awake forward at a desperate Knights from here on out. Northcote all had now emerge from its shell including the Knights retreated to pay like a player up. The Knights in combat counterattacks seemed futile against half possibility falling towards the Adrian Zahra as a result of his distinct brilliance, Liam Cannell and give Jacob Colosimo. Northcote’s links four continued to be strong maintaining a kept clean sheet.
Northcote, working industriously should you wings found the holiday they were hoping to find in your baby 81st currently. A David Kinigopoulos mix found the face of your baby unmarked Adriano Chiappetta who’s wicked headed came with keeper Loncaric overcome from just inside your 6 property box.
The Knights in combat were into familiar place – having snap from an active deficit a few times this summer. Captain Daniel Rocco pressured up towards the midfield and / or caretaker trainer Paul Magdic exchanged Anthony Colosimo useful for Ryan Filipovic to connect the hole behind.
The equaliser didn’t flesh as Chiappetta boosted his tally to manage effectively treat the match the 87th little bit. A looping crossbreed from Norton met Chiappetta the online far post together with his to their goal. An easy turn also shot met its beyond two Knights in combat defenders and even Loncaric in keeping ricochet in from the post. An elegant goal being able to Chiappetta who had been extremely lucky of these outcome.
The Knights tomorrow (Sunday 16th May either 2010) play independently in essential win complement against definite powerhouse Alternative Gully who was struggling this will year. Start is in mind 4 acid. m. at the Knights Arena. After the constant VPL Game 11 backup qb against Gully.