Hair Loss Treatment – Causes of Balding in Men

Baldness is a condition that is very common men and according to statistics most men have the baldness gene. However there are several men’s hair loss treatment methods that can be used to reduce the rate of hair loss in men. Baldness usually starts when one is around 35 years of age. If you see signs of baldness it is important for you to ensure that you prevent baldness because it makes most people uncomfortable. Due to advancement in technology today, men are using hair transplantation to prevent hair loss or to remove the baldness in their heads so that they look young and handsome. There are some hormones in male that causes baldness such as the androgenic alopecia.  It is important for you to know the preventive measures to use so that you can avoid losing your hair. Here are some of the methods that causes balding in men:

  • Medication and drugs

There are some drugs that you need to avoid using because they have the ability to cause or affect your natural hormonal balance. These drugs in the long run lead to temporary or permanent hair loss. A good example of these drugs include anabolic steroids and those that are used for the cure of diabetes, blood pressure, mycotic infections and many others

  • Poor nutrition

It is important for you to know that the nutrition that you take can have an impact on your hair. Do you know the protein that makes hair? It is known as keratin. Without taking this protein there are high chances that your hair growth will be affected in one way or the other. Other deficiencies in nutrients that can cause hair loss are iron, protein, zinc, vitamin B, biotin and excess vitamin A. The kind of foods that you take matters a lot. Therefore when you see signs of baldness ensure that you change your diet and eat foods that can be able to prevent hair loss. More details here:

  • Physical and emotional stress

You can cause baldness in your head without knowing and this usually happens when you physically pull your hair tightly by use of either braiding or by use of the pony tails. Another way you can cause baldness is when you do excessive styling such as using harsh chemicals and lots of heat. You should try as much as possible to avoid pulling your hair unknowingly as it may lead to a condition known as alopecia. Another way that one loses hair is through chemotherapy. Despite the fact that chemotherapy is done to target some cells in the body it can also cause baldness. Last but not …

Natural remedies to stop hair loss and damage

Hair grows in every part of the human skin except on the palm, and a lot of people spend a lot trying to keep their hairs where they are meant to be, which gives rise to the importance of men’s hair loss treatment. Hair loss in men is caused due to a lot of things.  Several home remedies can be taken to prevent loss of air, and this will be discussed below.

Massaging of hair with oil daily

Regular massaging of hair daily with warm oil, mustard oil, and coconut oil will help in preventing air loss by curing dandruff, ringworm, and other fungal infection. This also increases blood circulation within the hair follicle thereby preventing hair loss and the thinning of hair. The hair being treated like this will not fall out over time, and it will also be shining. This makes it one of the necessary remedies for men’s hair loss treatment.

Hair stimulating juice

Men hair loss treatment can also be achieved by some hair refreshing juice such as wheatgrass juice. This juice has the tendency of preventing shedding of air when it is taken at regular interval over a period of two weeks and above. Like wheatgrass juice Aloe Vera juice is one of the best options, but it has advantages over wheatgrass because it can be applied to the scalp too. After the application of Aloe Vera to the lukewarm scalp oil can be used to wash the scalp this is highly effective in preventing air loss

Use of household items

Before removing your air, daily juice extracted from crushed coriander leaves should be used to wash the hair. Mixing of curd and gram flour can also be applied before general batting this is one of most powerful men’s hair loss treatment. This treatment prevents the loss of air by direct application; it should be done daily. This is another good men hair loss treatment.

Application of potatoes

Potato is a very rich source of nutrients like vitamins B, A, C, iron, potassium, as well as phosphorus. Potatoes are known to perform magic when it comes to preventing dryness of hair and premature graying. You should take one and a half cups of potato juice in a bowl, and add a teaspoon of honey, with a bit of water and one egg yolk, then mix. Take this mixture and apply it to your damp hair, then leave it for about 30 mins and wash off with the mild shampoo.

Dietary recommendation

For a dangerous men’s hair loss treatment using home remedies, a comprehensive diet plan should be put into practice this includes food than …

Use Natural Solutions and Styling Tips for Hair Loss

As with conventional hair loss treatments, natural and herbal remedies take time to work. It could take a few months to actually be aware outcomes from anything regimen you’re following so do not transfer from one treatment to any other each few weeks, convinced that nothing is working! As an alternative, be steady on your plan, even going to date as noting dates you started a selected remedy and the nation/situation of your hair at the time. This may simply help you see which of your efforts produces the outcomes you are searching for.

Proper Diet plan

Your diet plan is one of the easiest natural hair loss treatments to adopt and it is also the only one that goes unnoticed! Hair is described because the frame’s ‘barometer of fitness’ so it stands to motive that a lack of vitamins to your frame could make itself acknowledged through the state of your hair!

Nutrients for healthy hair

Protein is crucial  and in case you’re a vegetarian it is equally crucial to ensure you are ingesting enough protein to help promote hair growth. Meatis a good source of protein.So, too,are dairy ingredients (like milk and cheese), beans, seeds, nuts, fish and eggs. Omega three fatty acids are critical for many capabilities inside the body and that includes retaining a healthful scalp, which in turn promotes healthful hair boom. You may get them from eggs, nuts and seeds  in case you war to include seeds in your food plan.

Avoid use of Styling Products

Styling products may be a secondary and sometimes a primary motive of hair loss. Troubles with styling normally cause hair breakage as opposed to the loss of hair from the scalp itself, even though if the damage is bad enough you might imagine that the hair is falling out from the roots. The exception, although, is traction alopecia. Different styling issues that could cause hair loss are the usage of harsh chemical substances (dyes, straighteners and many others) and too much heat (from hairdryers, flat irons and so on).

Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is frequently endorsed as a way for triggering hair regrowth. At the same time it could be helpful in some respects  it’d really help alleviate pressure and blood go with the flow, promoting a healthy scalp -it’s doubtful that it massage alone could in reality motive hair to re-develop. However, massaging the scalp with particular oils may, in reality, be one of the few herbal remedies for men’s hair loss treatment that genuinely prompts hair increase a fact borne out by using scientific observation.

Green Tea

Green tea has come to be one of …

The Most Common Causes for Hair Loss in Men
Causes for Hair Loss in Men

For three-fourths of the male population in the world, hair loss is common. The genetic disposition in men means that after the age of 35 if you haven’t lost a goodly portion of hair you may still lose your hair later in life.

Androgenetic alopecia also known as male-pattern baldness means an inherited gene that is sensitive to dihydrotestosterone. This is a by-product of testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone is secreted primarily from the male reproductive organs. Currently more research has proven that genetic hair loss is attributed from both parents. Past research suggested male-pattern baldness was exclusive inherited from the mother’s side of the family. Now scientists believe both parents contribute to the hair loss factors.

From receding hairlines to progressive apex balding is treatable in some forms. However, for many men, it is an inevitable fact of life. When typical hair loss happens to men, it begins in the temple area, the anterior hairline then sheds backwards, creating the distinct receding hairline. This bitemporal recession of hair will likely continue until baldness matches other affected areas in the scalp.

When apex hair loss happens to many men they are unaware of it until their trip to the barber shop and it is brought to their attention with a mirror displaying the open area on the apex or crown of the scalp. If the average male hasn’t noticed summertime sunburns on the top of the head before the trip to the barber, they are likely in denial. This progressive hair loss happens in a circular pattern around the crown of the scalp and sometimes stalls when it reaches the base of the hairline; leaving a ring of thick, unaffected post here!

Over time hair loss is inevitable. It will thin over time, likely in the area of the mid-frontal scalp and at the crown. Scientifically, we know now that hair follicles are affected by typical hair loss. When one area begins in males, each hair follicle sequentially will go, leaving a symmetrical pattern. The bitemporal recession will expand from crown to the read of the scalp. The same happens with the receding hairline.

Although hair loss is not isolated on just the scalp, that men sometimes lose hair elsewhere on their bodies, it is the scalp hair loss that scientists are interested in researching. Since scalp hair is different than other body hair, the follicular units produce more than once strand of hair at a time. Interestingly is the presence of a primary hair that shows up shortly after birth in men. From that primary source follicle, secondary branching hairs develop. This begins at the ages of …

How to Stop Hair Loss for Men
Hair Loss for Men

Since male-pattern baldness is a fact of life for more than two-thirds of the world population, it is a concern for many bald or thinning hair men that remember their youthful luxurious scalp hair. Scientists have been analyzing hair loss in men for the last one hundred years. Before the advent of scientific research there were wigs, toupees to cover the receding or balding scalp.

Traditionally, hairpieces were woven human and animal hair. The technology has allowed for synthetic alternatives. Although the connoisseur toupee wearing male will likely want to have real human hair covering the baldness instead of animal hair or synthetic wigs.

The fact that hair loss is a real issue in societies worldwide; men have searched for cures. Men are spending millions of dollars to re-grow their precious scalp hair and pursuing research that looks at the hair follicle at the genetic level. Thus far there are no ‘cures’ for hair loss.
There are alternatives in lifestyles that will help men cope with thinning or hair loss. However, if men are willing to possibly slow the loss, there are products available that will help with certain forms of hair review here!

When using essential oils and scalp massage men have reported hair follicles are actively responding to the treatment. When men massage the scalp daily for at least five to ten minutes, using drops of essential oils, the contact areas are stimulated because of the forced circulation. Essential oils are natural products and should be safe to use on the scalp. Lavender, bay, almond, or sesame oils are available in health food retail stores on the Internet that are specifically targeted to scalp massaging.

Another natural alternative is using egg oil. When egg oil is massaged into the scalp and left overnight the oil promotes nourishment for the follicular sites. Egg oil therapy can be used over long periods without prolonged complications that happen with other hair loss products.

The egg oil treatment (eyova) is a stable and natural hair product and safe for skin contact that is near the eyes. Using the specifically engineered egg oil product will have no risk of salmonella (which can adversely affect the scalp) and does not smell like raw eggs when used. Egg oil treatment is available online; although it is possible to make egg oil in home.view more tips from

Hair Loss for Men

Hot oil treatments come in various forms at retail stores. The topical treatment for hair loss is popular and inexpensive compared to weaves and plugs. When using particular hot oil treatments make sure the product is specifically designed for hair loss. Although it is healthy for …

Hair Loss Remedy – Easy and Effective Herbal Treatments
Hair Loss Remedy

Since hair loss is a fact of life for many people worldwide, there are many products available that promise to slow, stop, or even re-grow scalp hair. Men and women are affected by hair loss and have psychosocial stigmas associated with the genetic issue. There are several artificial treatments available. Since these products have harmful chemical additives, it would be the user’s best interest to use treatments that are natural and safe if they want to treat hair loss.

Chemical treatments can not only damage hair follicles, there are health concerns associated with some products. Some hair treatments can inadvertently burn the scalp and singe hair follicles. Women should refrain from using heavy hair extensions for any length of time. Hair strengtheners, straightening hair, and perms can permanently damage the scalp. Peroxide or bleaching treatments will kill hair follicles.

There are hair loss supplements available without a prescription. These supplements are fortified with vitamin and herbal ingredients that aid in the recovery of hair loss in men and women. Some supplements are formulated with potent herbs, essential oils, and minerals. These hair loss formulas claim to attack the problem that causes genetic hair loss by reducing the genetic component that contributes to androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern baldness). Since the genetic trait associated with hair loss is testosterone, specifically DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), the supplement claims to reduce the hormone and promote healthy hair follicles. These supplements are freely available to both men and women.continue reading from

Plant extracts and essential oil treatments are natural and safer than chemical alternatives. Using vitamin supplements will help bodily if there are deficiencies. When people lack vitamins and minerals that are present in healthy bodies, hair loss can occur as a result of the deficiency. Biotin (Vitamin B) is prevalent in hair-growth supplements. You naturally obtain vitamin B in many foods and supplements will help maintain a healthy level in the body.

One alternative herbal treatment for hair loss is saw palmetto (Serenoarepens). Extracts of saw palmetto has been used by herbalists for years for hair loss in men and women. Hair growth has been reported in habitual users of saw palmetto. The holistic aspect of herbal treatment is ultimately better than chemical applications. Topical treatment in the form of essential oils or plant extracts is healthy. The use of hot oil treatments can help heal damaged or thinning hair.visit website here!

Hair Loss Remedy

Vitamin E will nourish damaged hair. Using vitamin E every day will help prevent hair breakage. Adding 400 IU of Vitamin E will help restore hair follicle health. Vitamin C helps boosts collagen and is important for bone health as well. Foods …

Hair Loss for Men and Women
Hair Loss

There are several causes for hair loss in men and women. Whether the hair loss is due to genetics or other contributing factors, it is a fact of life for many men and women worldwide. Androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern balding) is also present in women. Scientists have determined that both parents contribute to the genetic disposition of the hair loss in offsprings. Many people find hair loss embarrassing and are frustrated with the experience. There are treatments available that can aid in re-growth and help prevent continued hair loss.

While the effect of androgenetic alopecia is known, there is still no cure for the genetic trait. Primary hair follicles that encase the base of the hair shaft produce secondary hairs. Throughout aging, these secondary hairs will wither and die. The primary hair is unable to reproduce secondary hairs and eventually dies off. Each hair follicle contains blood vessels nurturing the follicle to continue the hair growth cycle. When the primary shaft eventually sheds its secondary hairs in a repetitive cycle, the blood vessel are no longer able to nurture the follicle.

Gradually thinning hair is easier to camouflage in women because of hair concentration on the scalp. Apex or crown balding that affect men also is present in women. The characteristic circular hair loss on the top of the head is more noticeable in women than in men, because socially male-pattern baldness is prevalent. Women do not usually have temple regression hair loss and will sometimes develop patches of baldness instead. The symmetrical balding in men is as much a mystery as the asymmetrical balding in women.use link from

Hair loss in women is more sporadic and diffused. It is rare for a female to experience complete hair loss unless there are contributing environmental factors. Interestingly, androgenetic alopecia can be diagnosed by dermatologists performing a scalp exam. In rare cases, if androgenetic alopecia is not present at the time of the examination, blood tests sometimes reveal the cause of particular hair loss.

The psychosocial impression of hair loss in some men is an inconvenience or embarrassing. However, since it is relatively rare in women below the age of 65, they find it difficult to accept the condition.

Some women will begin to lose hair leading up and after menopause. Sometimes female baldness can lead to depression and low self-esteem in women. If a woman experience psychosocial issues regarding hair loss it is wise to speak to a healthcare provider. The same applies to men. However, male-pattern baldness is more readily acceptable culturally and socially.view this website!

Hair Loss

Treatment for hair loss is extensive. From essential oils to topical applications, men …