How to Stop Hair Loss for Men
Hair Loss for Men

Since male-pattern baldness is a fact of life for more than two-thirds of the world population, it is a concern for many bald or thinning hair men that remember their youthful luxurious scalp hair. Scientists have been analyzing hair loss in men for the last one hundred years. Before the advent of scientific research there were wigs, toupees to cover the receding or balding scalp.

Traditionally, hairpieces were woven human and animal hair. The technology has allowed for synthetic alternatives. Although the connoisseur toupee wearing male will likely want to have real human hair covering the baldness instead of animal hair or synthetic wigs.

The fact that hair loss is a real issue in societies worldwide; men have searched for cures. Men are spending millions of dollars to re-grow their precious scalp hair and pursuing research that looks at the hair follicle at the genetic level. Thus far there are no ‘cures’ for hair loss.
There are alternatives in lifestyles that will help men cope with thinning or hair loss. However, if men are willing to possibly slow the loss, there are products available that will help with certain forms of hair review here!

When using essential oils and scalp massage men have reported hair follicles are actively responding to the treatment. When men massage the scalp daily for at least five to ten minutes, using drops of essential oils, the contact areas are stimulated because of the forced circulation. Essential oils are natural products and should be safe to use on the scalp. Lavender, bay, almond, or sesame oils are available in health food retail stores on the Internet that are specifically targeted to scalp massaging.

Another natural alternative is using egg oil. When egg oil is massaged into the scalp and left overnight the oil promotes nourishment for the follicular sites. Egg oil therapy can be used over long periods without prolonged complications that happen with other hair loss products.

The egg oil treatment (eyova) is a stable and natural hair product and safe for skin contact that is near the eyes. Using the specifically engineered egg oil product will have no risk of salmonella (which can adversely affect the scalp) and does not smell like raw eggs when used. Egg oil treatment is available online; although it is possible to make egg oil in home.view more tips from

Hair Loss for Men

Hot oil treatments come in various forms at retail stores. The topical treatment for hair loss is popular and inexpensive compared to weaves and plugs. When using particular hot oil treatments make sure the product is specifically designed for hair loss. Although it is healthy for hair follicles to soak up nutrients through the hot oil process, unless the product is specifically designed for re-growth, it will not help stop hair loss.

Some men use green tea on the scalp. Since green tea contains anti-oxidants the benefits for using concentrations of green tea on the scalp may stimulate hair growth. Ultimately it is an individual approach to hair loss that will address the issue for men seeking a solution.