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What causes baldness and is home remedies really working?

So many men are struggling with hair loss and baldness andare always looking for men’s hair loss treatment that is working. The problem is that there aren’t many of these treatments that are actually working. Many are asking what is causing baldness and is there any home remedies that are really working. With this information, you will understand baldness better, and you will know what home remedies you can really try to enhance hair growth.

What causes baldness

It is important to know what causesbaldness before you are just going out and purchase the first and best men’s hair loss treatment that you can find. Because there are many different reasons why baldness does occur, you need to make sure what the reason for your baldness is before you can start treating it. These are some of the reasons why people are struggling with baldness:

  • Harsh hair treatments. Some people are treating their hair harshly. They don’t really care about how they are treating their hair. Using the wrong hair tools and using headbands that caused damage. And, the longer you are damaging your hair, baldness will be the result.
  • Hormone problems can also cause baldness or hair loss. It doesn’t really matter if you are a man or a woman. If you have a shortage of a hormone, it can cause your body to function abnormally. And, hair loss can be the result.
  • Illness and surgery can also result in becoming bald. This is one of a few reasons for baldness that you can’t really do much about it.

Treatment options for baldness

There are people that are just accepting their baldness and think that they can’t really do anything about it. However, there is some great men’s hair loss treatment options available that you can try. Some are more expensive than others and some are more recommended as well. These are some of the options that you can choose from when you are struggling with baldness:

  • Creams and lotions for hair growth
  • Anti-inflammatory medication if it is caused by illness
  • Surgery
  • Hair wigs if you don’t want any expensive treatment.

Home remedies that can work for baldness in men and woman

Before you start choosing home remedies for baldness, you need to make sure what the reason for your baldness is in the first place. Otherwise, it will not work to try the first and best remedy that you can find. These home remedies might work:

  • Castor oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Aloe Vera

You might think that you are the only one that is struggling with baldness. However, this isn’t the truth. There are many people that are …

What treatment is there for hair loss in men?


A common condition, alopecia which is hair loss sometimes starts as one quarter-sized circle of absolutely swish bald skin. These patches sometimes grow in 3 to 6 months while not treatment. Sometimes, white hair briefly regrows and so becomes dark.

What are causes and risk factors for hair loss?

Because there are many varieties of hair loss, finding the cause are often difficult. This review can cowl the foremost common causes of hair loss occurring on traditional unscarred scalp skin. The medical term for hair loss is baldness. Most hair loss isn’t related to general or internal wellness; neither is poor diet a frequent issue. Hair could be merely skinny as a result of preset genetic factors and therefore the overall aging method. Several men and girls could notice gentle physiological cutting of hair beginning in their 30s and 40s.

Life vicissitudes, together with ahealth problem, emotional trauma, super molecule deprivation (during strict dieting), and secretion changes like those in physiological state, puberty, and climacteric could cause hair loss. Several health conditions, together with thyroid unwellness and iron deficiency anemia, will cause hair loss. Whereas thyroid blood tests and alternative science lab tests, together with an entire blood count (CBC), on people that have standard hair loss are sometimes traditional, it’s necessary to exclude treatable causes of hair loss.

What varieties of doctors treat hair loss?

Such basic health screening is often done by a family doctor, internist, or specialist. Dermatologists are doctors who focus on issues of skin, hair, and nails and should offer additional advanced designation and treatment of hair cutting and loss. Generally, a scalp diagnostic test is also necessary. Although several medications list “hair loss” among their potential facet effects, most medicinesdon’t seem to be possible to induce hair loss. On the opposite hand, cancer therapy and immunological disorder medications ordinarily turn out hair loss. Complete hair loss when therapy sometimes regrows when six to twelve months.

How do physicians classify hair loss?

There are varied ways in which to categorize hair loss. One should 1st examine the scalp to work out if the hair loss is attributable to the physical destruction and loss of hair follicles (scarring alopecia). If the scalp seems dead traditional with lots of empty hair follicles, this can be known as non-scarring hair loss. On the opposite hand, the follicles arewell destroyed in scarring hair loss. Non-scarring hair loss may be seen in things wherever there’s physical or chemical harm to the hair shaft leading to breakage. Often, it’s going to be necessary to try to a diagnostic test of the scalp to tell apart these conditions. Sometimes, a …

What are the treatment options for men’s hair loss?

Men’s hair loss treatment is getting pace now days. By the time, men should have the main retreating of hair about 85%. Most of the men have lost their hairs that they turn before the 21. Most of the reason behind is that the men have lost their hairs.

Causes of hair loss:

Here are some causes for loss the hairs i.e. hereditary reasons, factor of lifestyle and another one is Skin illness. To the illness of scalp and membrane, they are recognized for losing the hairs. Here is another one reasons for losing the hair i.e. dandruff. Occasionally they lose the glands of hairs and temporary to lead losing hairs.

Treatment options:

Men’s also have to concern the Doctors for the treatment such as the shampoos that is antiseptic. The growth of hair should have to be returned after some meditation or because of the good treatment as well as proper attention. Men’s hair loss treatment are becoming so innovative they have also to help for detecting the hair loss reasons and seek out them which treatment that is conceivable. Loss of hairs is most of the common illness and that the affects many persons in their lives. The majority of the men’s have lost their hairs. Lack of protein, chemotherapy etc. are the reasons for losing the hairs.

How to tackle the problem?

Good nourishment, cleanness of good hairs and the consistency of shampooing are the best treatment and anticipations for hair loss. The airing of health should have to be done by the medical doctor family, gynecologist, and internist. Doctors are dermatologists have to be specified the skin difficulties, pegs and hairs and they provided the treatment and opinion that is becoming more innovative for the retreating of hairs and loses. Hair is still rising and to be condensed. Hair transplant should have to become considering for the treatment purpose. You require following the regimen for 2 years for good outcomes.

Why treatment fails?

Here are some common issues that affected the achievement with any treatment of losing hairs. In several different forms, men’s have begun for dropping the hairs. At the place of worship, most of the collective forms that should be included retreating, back of the head and on the upper they harms in centrally, now and then they also are known as thinning diffusely. Nowadays, the treatment of hair loss is becoming more successful that is used by those who should not wait for a long time that they have to be done something about their condition. The procedure of hair loss treatment takes some years and its right that for a long time …

Hair Loss Treatment – Causes of Balding in Men

Baldness is a condition that is very common men and according to statistics most men have the baldness gene. However there are several men’s hair loss treatment methods that can be used to reduce the rate of hair loss in men. Baldness usually starts when one is around 35 years of age. If you see signs of baldness it is important for you to ensure that you prevent baldness because it makes most people uncomfortable. Due to advancement in technology today, men are using hair transplantation to prevent hair loss or to remove the baldness in their heads so that they look young and handsome. There are some hormones in male that causes baldness such as the androgenic alopecia.  It is important for you to know the preventive measures to use so that you can avoid losing your hair. Here are some of the methods that causes balding in men:

  • Medication and drugs

There are some drugs that you need to avoid using because they have the ability to cause or affect your natural hormonal balance. These drugs in the long run lead to temporary or permanent hair loss. A good example of these drugs include anabolic steroids and those that are used for the cure of diabetes, blood pressure, mycotic infections and many others

  • Poor nutrition

It is important for you to know that the nutrition that you take can have an impact on your hair. Do you know the protein that makes hair? It is known as keratin. Without taking this protein there are high chances that your hair growth will be affected in one way or the other. Other deficiencies in nutrients that can cause hair loss are iron, protein, zinc, vitamin B, biotin and excess vitamin A. The kind of foods that you take matters a lot. Therefore when you see signs of baldness ensure that you change your diet and eat foods that can be able to prevent hair loss. More details here: http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/hair-loss/features/natural-treatments-for-hair-loss

  • Physical and emotional stress

You can cause baldness in your head without knowing and this usually happens when you physically pull your hair tightly by use of either braiding or by use of the pony tails. Another way you can cause baldness is when you do excessive styling such as using harsh chemicals and lots of heat. You should try as much as possible to avoid pulling your hair unknowingly as it may lead to a condition known as alopecia. Another way that one loses hair is through chemotherapy. Despite the fact that chemotherapy is done to target some cells in the body it can also cause baldness. Last but not …

Natural remedies to stop hair loss and damage

Hair grows in every part of the human skin except on the palm, and a lot of people spend a lot trying to keep their hairs where they are meant to be, which gives rise to the importance of men’s hair loss treatment. Hair loss in men is caused due to a lot of things.  Several home remedies can be taken to prevent loss of air, and this will be discussed below.

Massaging of hair with oil daily

Regular massaging of hair daily with warm oil, mustard oil, and coconut oil will help in preventing air loss by curing dandruff, ringworm, and other fungal infection. This also increases blood circulation within the hair follicle thereby preventing hair loss and the thinning of hair. The hair being treated like this will not fall out over time, and it will also be shining. This makes it one of the necessary remedies for men’s hair loss treatment.

Hair stimulating juice

Men hair loss treatment can also be achieved by some hair refreshing juice such as wheatgrass juice. This juice has the tendency of preventing shedding of air when it is taken at regular interval over a period of two weeks and above. Like wheatgrass juice Aloe Vera juice is one of the best options, but it has advantages over wheatgrass because it can be applied to the scalp too. After the application of Aloe Vera to the lukewarm scalp oil can be used to wash the scalp this is highly effective in preventing air loss

Use of household items

Before removing your air, daily juice extracted from crushed coriander leaves should be used to wash the hair. Mixing of curd and gram flour can also be applied before general batting this is one of most powerful men’s hair loss treatment. This treatment prevents the loss of air by direct application; it should be done daily. This is another good men hair loss treatment.

Application of potatoes

Potato is a very rich source of nutrients like vitamins B, A, C, iron, potassium, as well as phosphorus. Potatoes are known to perform magic when it comes to preventing dryness of hair and premature graying. You should take one and a half cups of potato juice in a bowl, and add a teaspoon of honey, with a bit of water and one egg yolk, then mix. Take this mixture and apply it to your damp hair, then leave it for about 30 mins and wash off with the mild shampoo.

Dietary recommendation

For a dangerous men’s hair loss treatment using home remedies, a comprehensive diet plan should be put into practice this includes food than …